Release Name: GAMBIT_Executables_1.3

- Inputs/Outputs:
   - Add new input mask: exclusion area (e.g brainstem, cerebellum)
   - Add new option: output data subdirectory (default: GAMBIT)
- Bias Field correction:

    - Rename suffix to 'bias' (instead of 'biasfieldcorrected')
- Post-process label image
    - Combine AbsoluteWMMask and LatVent
    - Create label map for cortical thickness measurement via LabelSegPostProcess (use of input masks, filling...)
- Surface area:
    - Compute direct surface area measurements, without the need of a parcellation map...
    - Implement interpolated surface area on corresponding meshes
    - QC: Implement mean surface area
- Particle correspondence:
    - Update ParticleCorrespondencePostProcessing parameter file with newer version of ParticleCorrespondencePostProcessing tool
- Particle correspondence PostProcessing QC:
    - Create QC parameter file (to be run with ShapeWorksShop for particle correspondence QC)
    - Mean corresponding attribute computation (CortThick/SulcalDepth/Surface area)
- MRML scene creation:
    - create attributes within non-corresponding VTK meshes (MeshMath -KWMtoPolyData)
    - remove random coloring for meshes
- Applications:
    - SegPostProcessCLP has been updated (Filling update)
    - ShapeWorksRun: Attribute scalars bug has been fixed
    - add MeshCortThick: used for cortical thickness attribute computation
    - add LabelSegPostProcess