Release Name: Clinical Assessment Layout Manager (CALM) 1.6.2

The CALM tool is used to prepare on-line clinical
assessment entry forms, create the corresponding assessment meta-data in the underlying database and associate the assessment scores with the form elements on the on-line form that allows for the easy input and query of a variety of numerical and non-numerical data. In a clinical or research setting CALM can be used to streamline the development of online forms for patients’ and subjects’ data entry and for the easy maintenance and update of the ever-growing number of clinical assessments. The CALM package can generate online forms that accurately replicate any paper and pencil form, while the GAME package operates the CALM generated interface and allows for effortless quality assurance (QA) checks and clinical and research data queries. CALM provides functionality to build a new assessment from scratch or work with an already existing assessment in the HID database storing the layout and assessment association information in XML format.

The applications’ versatility is not limited to clinical forms; in fact, CALM/GAME can be used for the translation, maintenance and query of any paper and pencil form into an online form.

From a developer view point these are the highlights of the package:
•Efficiency: to speed up form designing CALM/GAME use user defined templates
•Accessibility: no Java, Javascript, or JSP coding experience is required to generate form objects
•Friendly output: the package can build forms with the similar layout as paper forms for easy data entry

From a CALM-based interface user view point these are the highlights of the package:
•A user friendly interface that permits data entry using a point and click, intuitive format.
•Built in double data entry as a cautionary step to validate the accuracy of data submitted for entry
•Build in graphical user interface allowing ability for easy data search/query/retrieval for QA queries or clinical/research questions (or in general relevant questions for any form data)

Please see the "Docs" tab for the CALM's User Manual