Release Name: 2.3.3 (support OSX 10.6+)

DTI-TK is a spatial normalization & atlas construction toolkit, designed from ground up to support the manipulation of diffusion-tensor (DT) images with special cares taken to respect the tensorial nature of the data. It implements a state-of-the-art registration algorithm that drives the alignment of white matter (WM) tracts by matching the orientation of the underlying fiber bundle at each voxel, information available uniquely to DT images. The algorithm has been shown to both improve WM tract alignment and to enhance the power of statistical inference in clinical settings.

The key features include:
1) open standard-based file IO support: NIfTI format for scalar, vector and tensor image volumes
2) tool chains for manipulating tensor image volumes: resampling, smoothing, warping, registration & visualization
3) pipelines for WM morphometry: spatial normalization & atlas construction for population-based studies
4) built-in cluster-computing support
5) binaries available for Linux and Mac OSX
- The Mac OSX universal binary package supports all current mac platforms (10.6+): 32-bit intel, and 64-bit intel.
- The Linux binary packages are compiled on CentOS 4.7 but should be compatible on CentOS 5.x as well provided backward compatible libraries are installed.
For DTI-TK documentation and online support, please join google group @

March 1st, 2013 - release 2.3.3

- built with ITK-4.3.1

- include version number in the usage

02/26/13 - release 2.3.2
- Mac OS X built now support 10.6+
10/05/12 - release 2.3.1
- A new vector image viewer: VVglyphView
09/01/11 - release 2.3
- Under the hood enhancement: transition to CMake only-based compilation
05/20/11 - release 2.2
- Major Enhancement: Initial release support Tract-Specific Analysis (TSA)
- Major Enhancement: Support for different sized brains with DTITK_SPECIES flag
03/31/11 - release 2.1
- Major Enhancement: Proper NIfTI support (now interpret input volumes orientation correctly)
- Enhancement: TVtool (now support changing volume orientation)
- Bugfix: scripts (not working for unix shells other than bash)
- Bugfix: fsl_to_dtitk (updating command line options to TVAdjustVoxelspace)
02/22/11 - release 2.0.2
- Bugfix: command line input handing issue in pwaToDisp
- Bugfix: dependencies to binaries not present in 2.0
- Enhancement: improved path and error handling
02/18/11 - release 2.0.1
- Bugfix: command line input handling issue in TVEigenSystem/TVFromEigenSystem/TVMean
02/17/11 - release 2.0
* Automating conversion from and preprocessing of FSL-processed DTI volumes (fsl_to_dtitk)
* Enhanced population-specific template bootstrapping (dti_template_bootstrap)
* Consolidated scalar and tensorial volume processing tools (SVtool and TVtool)
* Enhanced tensor viewer (TVglyphView)
* Tractography tools (SingleTensorFT and TractTool)
* Feature sampling in the medial-surface (skeleton) based geometry models
04/30/09 - release 1.2
* Added interoperability to DTI Studio
* Added scripting support for image mapping
* Added dice overlap computation
03/27/09 - release 1.1.1
* Added affine3Dcustom for creating custom affine transformations
* Fixed a bug in mutual information implementation that results in nan values when registering certain images (e.g. when one of the images is identically zero)
03/26/09 -- release 1.1
* Added rsvDSM2D, a new scalar image registration routine constraint to finding 2D rigid transformation: translation and rotation in the xy image plane
* Added ImageQuickLook, a new image utility that will take a scalar image and produce an orthogonal view of the image in png, great for quality control!
03/23/09 -- release 1.0.1
* Linux i386 binary updated to remove some compatibility issues with opensuse 10 due to shared libraries
03/19/09 -- release 1.0