Release Name: Functional Brain Atlas from Shen et al Neuroimage 2013

This zip file contains the whole-brain parcellations that are presented in the
paper entitled "Groupwise whole-brain parcellation from resting-state fMRI data
for network node identification". The three
parcellations contain approximately 100, 200, and 300 subunits,
respectively, covering both cortical and sub-cortical brain regions.
These subunits were obtained using resting-state fMRI and have been
shown to be highly functionally homogeneous and spatially coherent.
Either the whole parcellation or individual subunit can be used to
define nodes for brain network analysis.

We provide a 1mm version and a 2mm version for each parcellation. The
1mm version is compatible with SPM and BioImageSuite, and the 2mm
version is also compatible with FSL (in addition to SPM). A text file containing the
following information is also included in the zip file.

1. The index of the subunit
2. The corresponding Brodmann area number (when there are multiple
subunits correspond to a single BA region, we use a sub-index, e.g. L.BA
17.2 means the second subunit that corresponds to left BA region 17)
3. The X Y Z Talairach coordinates of the center of mass