Release Name: SOLAR Eclipse Version 7.6.4

*Official SOLAR Eclipse Version 7.6.4*, released in November 2014 adds 59
improvements and new features including: Measured Genotype Association
Analysis (mga) now has computed standard errors which are faster and more
accurate than the previous optional estimated standard errors, new dosage
SD and allele frequency results have been added, and having snps in the
null model is handled more reliably. User created CSV matrixes with user
ID's are now permitted, automatically checked for completeness, and -sample
and -allow options are available to handle incomplete matrixes. The maximum
number of individuals and mztwins has been increased to 32000. "matrix
debug" checks the actual matrix in memory rather than relying on the input
file, and obtains min and max values. -niskey option permits use on certain
clusters and clouds. Memory and logical device leaks fixed. polyclass has
-maxsnp option to do classwise association of one snp. vcfselect and
vcfinfo added to extract information from vcf files. New procedures
putsnew, putsa, and putsat are less tricky than putsout. stats command has
-sample option.