Release Name: Solar Eclipse 8.0.1 Linux beta version

**** New in version 8.0.1

1. Interactive and scriptable matrix algebra is now supported. Commands
include new, load, show, row, col, diagonal, rows, cols, times, plus
minus, transpose, inverse, ols, solve, evalues, evectors, mean, min
and max. See "help mathmatrix" for details. MathMatrix objects are
different from the sample relationship matrixes used during maximization.
They are implemented in C++ using Eigen.

2. evdout will output phi2 eigenvectors and eigenvalues as
used by SOLAR for EVD2 maximization. See 'help evdout' for details
on evdout, evdin, and evdmat.

3. evdin will read in the matrix file(s) created by evdout and
create MathMatrix object(s) representing them.

4. evdmat creates MathMatrix object(s) directly from the
current phi2 eigenvectors without writing or reading a file.
See 'help evdmat' for details.

5. zscoring using a command like "define zt = zscore_trait" generated
spurious messages about zscores being deleted. These messages had no
useful meaning and have been removed. The zscoring feature works fine.