Release Name: Solar Eclipse 8.0.3 Linux beta version

SOLAR Eclipse version 8.0.3 (Experimental), last updated on April 23, 2015
Copyright (c) 1995-2015 Texas Biomedical Research Institute
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solar> help fphi
Purpose: Fast test-statistic and heritability estimation
Usage: fphi [-testonly] [-debug] ;# returns list {test-statistic h2r-est}
-testonly Only compute and return the test-statistic
(only a single scalar value is returned)
-debug Print informative messages
Notes: Do "mathmatrix reset" frequently, preferably before or after this
procedure, to clear out all mathmatrix storage. fphi will create
large matrices, especially for heritability estimation.
Trait and covariates must be specified beforehand. However actual
maximization is not done so there will be no parameters created.
model new
trait q4
covar age
set ts [fphi]
mathmatrix reset