Release Name: Solar Eclipse 8.0.4 beta version for Mac

Download here:

**** New in version 8.0.4

1. fphi is now producing reasonable approximations of heritability.
Several implementation errors from 8.0.3 had to be corrected to make
this possible, and the procedure now uses "Method 1" consistently.
See "help fphi" for more information on FPHI methods 1 and 2.

2. "option ResetRandom 1" will reset the random number sequence used during
maximization to its initial starting value at the beginning of
maximization for the current model. This is for experimental use in
solving convergence inconsistencies.

3. fphi has a -method2 option which attempts to use "Method 2". This
does not appear to be working yet.

4. The first value returned by fphi is now correctly labeled an
"indicator variable." The actual test-statistic is still being
implemented. The primary significance of the indicator variable is
that heritability estimation is impossible if it is non-positive.

5. evdinx now loads the X matrix without a leading column of 1's as
as required for Method 1. To get the column of 1's as required for
Method 2, give the command "evdinx -method2", or simply use the
command "fphi -method2" which takes care of this.

6. fphi now allows the direct specification of X, Y, and Z matrices.
If all three are specified, it is not necessary to specify trait and
covariates, and "evdout" is not invoked.