Release Name: NITRC-CE Install Package v0.45 (Ubuntu 16.04 and contains optional HCP packages)

The purpose of the NITRC-CE install script is to convert any Ubuntu 16.04 machine (real or virtual) into a NITRC-CE instance. Since it will install a number of packages including ubuntu-desktop and packages from NeuroDebian, it may take many hours to execute, and will restart your system at least once. The install process runs an Ansible playbook whose progress will be displayed in the command window.

The HCP version of NITRC-CE can be installed with this package. See the README.txt file on how to modify the install configuration.
Once completed, you will be able to use a web browser to connect to the machine and set up a NITRC-CE user. Please see for full usage instructions.

NITRC CE Release v0.45:
  • Added heudiconv python package.
  • Added 3D Slicer medical imaging, processing and visualization software.
  • Added process monitoring to web dashboard.
  • Improved error handling messages when mounting AWS S3 buckets to file system.