Release Name: 2.3.0

1. Developer

Gary Hui Zhang,

2. License

The standard DTI-TK license applies:

3. What Does the Plugin Do?

This plugin uses the Mac OS X Leopard's built-in QuickLook framework to enable a quick assessment of any image volume in the supported image formats. It was initially developed to support convenient and efficient quality assessment of diffusion-weighted images, which can be in the order of 100 for even a single subject. This plugin should allow these images to be examined very quickly to catch clear defects in the images.

4. Installation

To install the plugin, simply copy (drag-and-drop from Finder) the "DTITK_NIfTI_QuickLookPlugin.qlgenerator" either to the directory /Library/QuickLook (if you want to make it available system wide) or to the directory ~/Library/QuickLook (if you want to make it available locally). Create the directory if it does not already exist.

5. Usage

The standard Quick Look usage applies. See the instructions provided by Apple for detail:

6. Supported Image Formats

The quicklook plugin supports the NIFTI-1 format as well as the traditional Analyze format. For multi-component images, the current implementation will display the first component image.
The FreeSurfer MGH file format is also supported, thanks to the contribution by Nick Schmansky.

7. Getting Future Updates

Please join the DTI-TK google group to receive future announcements of bug fixes and/or significant updates, as well as to report bugs, post questions, or make feature requests.

8. Your Support Appreciated

If you enjoy using this nifty NIfTI plugin, please show your support by leaving comments at the NITRC site ( Thanks very much.

9. Acknowledgement

The development of this software is supported by Penn Image Computing and Science Laboratory (PICSL) and the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) & the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience through the grant R03-EB009321.

02/09/2018 --- 2.3.0 release

Introduce an adjustable setting for the maximum memory allowed

09/11/2013 --- 2.2.1 release

Minor update:

1. Reorganized the information panel by the types of information.

2. The plugin will no longer expire.

09/09/2013 --- 2.2.0 release

Major update:

1. Introduce support for adjustable settings

2. Adjustable settings include orientation and font size

09/03/2013 --- 2.1.0 release

Major update:

1. added anatomical labels

2. images are always displayed in neurological convention, i.e., physical left is displayed as left

3. added intensity slope and intercept to the information panel

06/04/2013 --- 2.0.2 release

Minor update to conform the new Xcode.

06/05/2012 --- 2.0.1 release
Minor update
06/06/2011 --- 2.0.0 release
Enhancement: revamped information panel
Note: 2.x onward, Leopard (10.5) support will be discontinued.
06/01/2011 --- 1.8.4 release
Bugfix: crash when previewing 2D volumes
06/02/2010 --- 1.8.3 release

Minor enhancement: 10.6 support 64-bit intel only; 10.5 support 32-bit/64-bit intel universal

02/01/2010 --- 1.8.2 release

Bugfix: a serious memory leak when dealing with nifti images introduced since 1.8.0

01/30/2010 --- 1.8.1 release

Enhancement: add support for 64-bit intel

10/01/2009 --- 1.8.0 release

Enhancement: support reading large multi-component NIfTI images as long as each component image is not too big. this is often the case for displacement field maps as well as diffusion tensor images 

08/10/2009 --- 1.7.6 release

Bug fix: failed to correctly report range of intensity when scl_slope in nifti header is nonzero.

06/30/2009 --- 1.7.5 release

Bug fix: failed preview when one or more of the voxel spacings are negative.

06/21/2009 --- 1.7.4 release

Enhancement: now text panel not show when the preview size is too small for the text to be legible

06/07/2009 --- 1.7.3 release

Bug fix: stop previewing regular gzip files

05/31/2009 --- 1.7.2 release

Bug fix: now report failed image preview

05/11/2009 --- 1.7.1 release

Bug fix: now it is file suffix case-insensitive.

05/11/2009 --- 1.7.0 release

Added support for the Biorad PIC format contributed by Gregory Jefferis.

05/10/2009 --- 1.6.3 release

Fixed a bug in dealing with images of 512x512 or larger.

05/03/2009 --- 1.6.2 released

Handle uncompressed MGH format (MGH) and gzipped MGH format (MGZ) differently to allow memory size check for uncompressed MGH format.

05/03/2009 --- 1.6.1 released

Double the performance of the files in the gzipped MGH format (MGZ).

05/02/2009 --- 1.6 released

Added support for the FreeSurfer MGH format contributed by Nick Schmansky.

Double the width of the crosshair to improve its visibility.

04/16/2009 --- 1.5 released

Fixed a bug in the drawing of the cross hair. Fixed the handling of label image contrast adjust.

04/14/2009 --- enhancement

Added image information display to the empty 4th quadrant.

04/09/2009 --- 1.3 released

Fixed a code regression that causes segmentation fault when reading files of data types other than 32-bit float!

Better handling of binary image contrast.

Detect when the image volumes are too large for the quicklook to handle, which has a memory limit of about 128MB.

04/09/2009 --- 1.2 released

Drastically smaller memory footprint and significant performance improvement for large volumes.

4/07/2009 --- 1.0 released

Initial release with support for nifti and analyze images with the public nifticlib-1.1.0