Release Name: Nutil v 0.5.0

Nutil version 0.407 included an upgrade to Qt 6. This introduced several major bugs due to Qt library updates. We have decided to delete this version entirely, and present Nutil v0.5.0 with upgrades and bug fixes to solve the issues found in Nutil v0.407:

- Upper size limit for the "segmentation" input files has been removed.
- TiffCreator library fix.
- Improved XML error messaging to prevent spontaneous crashes.
- QuickNII and VisuAlign user manuals have been added to the Nutil package.

The release notes that followed version 0.407 still apply:

There is a focus on usability improvements in the new release. This includes a scroll bar fix, improvements to file navigation, and improved error messaging. There are also several transform bug fixes.
Support has been implemented in Quantifier for JSON files containing the anchoring information. Either the XML or JSON file from QuickNII, or the JSON file from VisuAlign may now be used to supply the linear anchoring information needed for coordinate extraction. Support has also been implemented for navigation to masks from a separate folder, and not from the segmentation folder as in earlier versions.
There have been updates to the text in the Nutil GUI, and an extensive user manual update.