Release Name: GingerALE 1.1


A new anatomical template is included to be used for viewing ALE results.
This template corrects a small defect in the previous template and offers
a better representation of Talairach space. We also updated the masks in 
GingerALE to match this revised template.

GingerALE automatically changes the mask to match ALE images.  Thus,
if you open existing ALE files that were created prior to this release,
GingerALE will utilize the mask that was previously implemented.
Nevertheless, to ensure that your images are as accurate as possible, 
we suggest that re-run your meta-analysis using the new mask/template.

    * A warning is displayed if any lines in the text file of input foci
      were not correctly interpreted due to improper formatting

    * “Show all local extrema” was added to Preferences that will search
      the ALE clusters and report not only the maximum values of the
      ALE statistic, but also the submaxima values that extend along
      the whole volume of the cluster
    * Added a preference to limit the local extrema to the just maximum
      and minimum values of the cluster
    * Fixed a bug that stopped the Clusters step from being re-run
    * Fixed a bug that caused Cluster Statistics to hang when finding
      labels from the Talairach Daemon

    * Added "Check For Updates" in the Help menu
    * File dialogs for "Open ALE Scores" and "Open P Values" now gray-out
      images which aren't ALE or P Value images from the list of possible
      input files
    * The permutation step's temp files are more reliably deleted
    * Export Foci Image saves to the path chosen instead of the default
      output path