Release Name: GingerALE 1.0


GingerALE is now a stand-alone application and separate from Sleuth

New Tools:
    * Added "Convert Foci" option to convert your coordinates from MNI space
      to Talairach space using multiple versions of the icbm2tal (Lancaster)
      and mni2tal (Brett) tranformations
    * Added "Export Foci Image" to create a NIfTI file of your foci points.
      No blurring of the coordinates is performed when this image is created

    * Now included as a separate section of the interface before ALE in order to
      see how many coordinates and experiments are included in your meta-analysis
    * Output file names are updated when foci are loaded
    * Foci name is included in the window title

    * Added option for less conservative (larger) mask of Talairach space to
      analyze foci on the border of the brain
    * Added option to choose pN or pID as threshold value during FDR procedure
    * Re-grouped the preferences and improved the interface

    * Many small interface changes and larger code structure changes
    * Now distinguishes between ALE & P Value images when loading files
    * Added "Show Manual...", "Show Read Me..." and "Show License..." to the
      Help menu. These options show the manual (in .pdf format), readme, and
      license files in your default web browser