This data set consists of 136 subjects of which the following neuroimage data is acquired:
MRI (3T):
- T1 anatomical scan
- DWI scan (two different types of scan paramaters)
- Resting state fMRI

EEG (64 channels):
- Resting state EEG

All data have been quality checked. See for more information the following publication:
Karayanidis, F., Keuken, M.C., Wong, S.A., Rennie, J.L., de Hollander, G., Cooper, P.S., Fulham, W.R., Lenroot, R., Parsons, M.W., Philips, N., Michie, P.T., Forstmann, B.U. (2015). The Age-ility Project (Phase 1): Structural and functional imaging and electrophysiological data repository. Neuroimage.

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