3T DWI test-retest reliability dataset

This data-set contains all 3T MRI data used in Boekel et al., (submitted), in which we aimed to investigate the invivo test-retest reliability of several DTI derived measures.

34 healthy young subjects were scanned twice on the same day with a 3T MRI scanner in which the following data was acquired:
- T1 weighted whole brain scan (1mm isotropic).
- B0 weighted whole brain scan (2mm isotropic)
- Diffusion weighted whole brain scan (2mm isotropic, 32 directions, b-value=1000, 4 repetitions)

A subset of 15 subjects were also scanned a third session on the same day, as well as in a two-week follow-up session with the same MRI protocol.

The full reference of the article is:
Boekel, W., Forstmann, B. U., Keuken, M.C. (In press) A test-retest reliability analysis of diffusion measures of white matter tracts relevant for cognitive control. Psychophysiology.

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