Brain Aging in Detroit Longitudinal Studies

This is a 4-wave longitudinal study conducted in Detroit, MI. The baseline wave was an adult lifespan (age 18+) sample of healthy aging (no neurological, endocrinological or cardiovascular [except controlled hypertension] dysfunction), with subsequent waves being limited to persons 50 years of age and older at baseline. The subsample was intended as a pilot study for the use of Trasncranial Doppler Ultrasonography (TCD). MPRAGE, flair, sag, SWI, and DTI structural scans were collected on a 1.5T magnet and cognitive measures were collected at all four waves, with blood variables and TCD collected during the second and third waves. The first three waves were collected approximately 18 months apart, with the final wave being conducted approximately four years later.


Other Keywords:
Brain aging, healthy aging