Bottleneck configurations in the human brain white matter with diffusion MRI tractography

We characterized the prevalence of bottleneck regions, or where multiple white matter pathways of the brain converge and subsequently diverge. These are areas of the brain that present challenges for diffusion tractography, yet represent information highways where dense bundles flow together. Here, we make available bottleneck maps of the brain in a standard space, and provide a map of these junction areas to be used in future studies of the brain.

Prevalence of white matter pathways coming into a single diffusion MRI voxel orientation: the bottleneck issue in tractography
Kurt G Schilling, Chantal M.W. Tax, Francois Rheault, Bennett Landman, Adam Anderson, Maxime Descoteaux, Laurent Petit
bioRxiv 2021.06.22.449454; doi:

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