Brainstorm is a free Matlab application dedicated to MEG and EEG data visualization, processing and cortical source estimation.
Its rich and intuitive graphic interface does not require any programming knowledge or experience with Matlab.

MEG/EEG visualization and processing:
- Support for most of the common file formats for MEG, EEG and MRI
- Pre-processing: frequency filtering, resampling, artifact detection and correction, epoching, averaging
- Visualization of recordings: time series, 2D/3D topographies
- MRI/EEG/MEG co-registration
- Powerful database explorer

Source estimation:
- Forward modeling: spherical models, overlapping spheres, BEM
- Inverse modeling: minimum norm, dSPM, sLORETA, beamformers
- Visualization of sources: cortex surface, MRI volume, normalization to atlases

- Regions of interests at cortical level
- Time-frequency analysis: Morlet wavelets, Hilbert transform, FFT, PSD
- Group analysis: Registration of individual brains on a template, t-test, permutations


works well with: