BrainVision Recorder is a multifunctional recording software designed to provide our amplifier customers with a versatile and easy-to-use platform for recording setup and execution.

• A wizard menu guides you through hardware setup and hard/software filter configuration.
• Acquired data can be displayed in multiple ways.
• Channel montages (original, bipolar, average) can be switched on the fly to adjust the channel view.
• Channel by channel impedance check: Each electrode is placed at the topographic position and its impedance value is displayed with a color coding.
• Acquisition parameters and impedance values are automatically stored and accessable any time.
• An EP analysis can be performed in real-time; the segmented/averaged data can be stored together with the raw data.
• A video module allows the capture of images of the subject; the video is synchronized with the EEG.
• Data can be sent out to the network via the TCP/IP protocol (for real-time data analyses, e.g. in BrainVision RecView)


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