EEGLAB is to date the most popular EEG/MEG/ECoG software with about 100,000 download worldwide since 2003. EEGLAB provides an interactive graphic user interface (GUI) allowing users to flexibly and interactively process their high-density EEG and other dynamic brain data using independent component analysis (ICA) and/or spectral time/frequency and coherence analysis, as well as standard methods including event-related potentials (ERP). EEGLAB also incorporates extensive tutorial and help windows, plus a command history function that eases users' transition from GUI-based data exploration to building and running batch or custom data analysis scripts. EEGLAB offers a wealth of methods for visualizing and modeling event-related brain dynamics, both at the level of individual EEGLAB 'datasets' and/or across a collection of datasets. For experienced Matlab users, EEGLAB offers a structured programming environment for storing, accessing, measuring, manipulating and visualizing event-related EEG data.

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