CIVILITY : Cloub based Interactive Visualization of Tractography Brain Connectome

Cloud Based Interactive Visualization of Tractography Brain Connectome (CIVILITY) is an interactive visualization tool of brain connectome in the web.
CIVILITY is a web application and has mainly 2 components.

-CIVILITY-visualization ; front end of the application. This is a circle plot of the brain connectivity using the method of visualization : Hierarchical Edge Bundling. The graphic visualization of the brain connectivity is generated using Data Driven Documents (D3.js).

-CIVILITY-tractography ; analysis pipeline. The analysis of the brain connectome is computed with a probabilistic tractography method (FSL tools : bepostx and probtrackx2) using surfaces as seeds.

CIVILITY performs the brain connectivity analysis in remote computing grids where the CIVILITY-tractography pipeline is deployed. CIVILITY uses clusterpost ( to submit the jobs to the computing grid. The front end of CIVILITY submits tasks to clusterpost and retrieves results when they are finished.


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