Simulated Diffusion-Weighted Datasets

Simulated datasets generated using the framework described in the paper 'Realistic simulation of artefacts in diffusion MRI for validating post-processing correction techniques'. These can be used to validate your postprocessing correction techniques.

Data containing susceptibility artefacts from the paper 'Quantitative assessment of the susceptibility artefact and its interaction with motion in diffusion MRI' is now also available for download.

Code to simulate your own datasets can be found at:

Available files: contains DWI data with eddy-current and motion artefacts
-Susceptibility datasets (static) contains DWIs with the susceptibility artefact
-Susceptibility datasets (dynamic) contains data with the susceptibility artefact and motion (NB motion affects the susceptibility field)
-Susceptibility datasets (other) contains a mask, T2-weighted images and a field-map for the static susceptibility data.

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