EEG Study Schema (ESS)

EEG Study Schema (ESS) makes it easier for researchers in the field of EEG/BCI to package, share and automatize the analysis workflow of their study data. You can think of ESS as a "shipping container" for your EEG study data.

Using other people’s EEG data could be painful as often one has to do detective work to find out:

What happened in the experiment?
Which files are for which subjects/sessions?
What do these event codes mean?
To remove ‘EEG data sharing pain' we have created a set of standards (HED and ESS) and tools

ESS is designed from a user-centered viewpoint that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. It is created to contain all the information a researcher unfamiliar with a particular EEG (or MEG) Study needs to further analyze the data. It is An XML-based specification
Holds all the information necessary to analyze an EEG study.

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