ONPRC Fetal Macaque Brain Atlas

This is a multi-modal MRI (T2W and DTI) brain templates of fetal monkeys with atlas labels at three key time points over the second and third trimesters of the 168 day gestational term.. Specifically, template images are constructed for brains at gestational ages of 85 days (G85, N=18, 9 females), 110 days (G110, N=10, 7 females) and 135 days (G135, N=16, 7 females). T2W templates were able to characterize the development of fetal tissue zones and gyrification in cerebral cortex and DTI templates were able to infer the morphogenesis of cortical neurons and maturation of white matter tracts.
This work has been published and is available at:
"Anatomical and diffusion MRI brain atlases of the fetal rhesus macaque brain at 85, 110 and 135 days gestation", NeuroImage
Available online 24 October 2019, 116310,In Press, Journal Pre-proofWhat are Journal Pre-proof articles?

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Other Keywords:
atlas, fetal, MRI, primate, rhesus macaque