The HAMLET (HArmonizing MuLti-sitE Traveling subjects) dataset is a multi-subject, multi-scanner, multi-contrast MRI dataset consisting of 5 subjects canned at 4 sites (multiple vendors) with no data usage agreement required to assess and utilize the data. This data includes structural, functional, and diffusion data, all acquired with standard clinical keys. This dataset can be utilized for scanner-to-scanner harmonization approaches, and intra-scanner, inter-scanner reproducibility, and inter-subject reproducibility studies of structure and function.

We encourage use of our data as an external dataset for validation of CDMRI submissions. If you would like to publicize the results of your work, please fill out the form below. We will post results to NITRC along with a dedicated summary page and provide a QR code to directly link to their data.

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diffusion MRI, functional MRI, harmonization, harmonization, multi-scanner, structural MRI, traveling subjects