Single-subject Resting state fMRI Reproducibility Resource

We have acquired a longitudinal single-subject dataset of a healthy volunteer (40 years of age at time of initial scan; male). A total of 156 sessions of MRI data was acquired on a weekly basis, over a span of 185 weeks (a little over 3 years).

The subject was scanned on a 3T Philips Achieva scanner (Philips HealthCare, Best, Netherlands). Rs-fMRI data of the subject was acquired using a multi-slice SENSE-EPI pulse sequence with TR/TE = 2000/30 ms, SENSE factor = 2, flip angle = 75°, 37 axial slices, nominal resolution = 3x3x3 mm3, 1 mm gap, 16 channel neuro-vascular coil, number of dynamics (frames) per run = 200. The subject was instructed to stay as still as possible with his eyes closed during the entire scan, and no other instruction was provided.

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