LocaliZoom - the companion web application for QuickNII and online counterpart for VisuAlign

LocaliZoom is a pan-and-zoom type viewer displaying high-resolution image series coupled with overlaid atlas delineations.

Three operating modes
- Display series with atlas overlay. Both linear and nonlinear alignments are supported (created with QuickNII or VisuAlign)
- Create or edit nonlinear alginments
- Create markup which can be exported as MeshView point clouds or to Excel for further numerical analysis.

LocaliZoom allows working with images in their original resolution, however the images need to be available in Deep Zoom format. While converting image data to Deep Zoom falls outside of the scope of LocaliZoom itself (and thus we offer suggestions only), LocaliZoom is part of the EBRAINS online analytical workflow (free for researchers) where we offer conversion too. Please visit https://ebrains.eu/register/ for details.

User documentation is provided at https://localizoom.readthedocs.io, source code (MIT license) and deployment description are on https://github.com/Tevemadar/LocaliZoom