A Multiple Session Dataset of NIRS Recordings From Stroke Patients Controlling Brain–Computer Interface

We provide the experimental records, optodes placement data, online BCI performance, and a MATLAB code for simple analysis of hemodynamic response. Each filename includes subject ID, day and session number. The file contains a tabulated configuration of the channels (source–detector pairs in the 10–10 system), the raw light intensity data for each channel on both wavelengths, HbO and HbR concentrations in mmol/l, labels of mental tasks for each time point, and a confusion matrix of online classification.

Associated publication: https://doi.org/10.1101/2024.03.27.24304...
MATLAB format
Stimuli type: imagined hand movements
15 stroke patients
7-24 sessions with online classification and visual feedback for each patient, 237 sessions in total
Session duration: 9 or 14 mins
50 hours of recordings in total
14 sources
8 detectors
28 channels on each wavelength, 56 in total
Sample Rate: 15.6 Hz
Wavelengths: 760/850 nm
Acquisition System: NIRScout

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