PHYCAA+: adaptive physiological noise correction for BOLD fMRI

The PHYCAA+ algorithm automatically estimates and removes physiological noise in BOLD fMRI data, including the effects of heartbeat and respiration. This algorithm (1) masks out high-variance CSF and vascular tracts that may otherwise confound analyses, and (2) regresses out noise timeseries in grey matter tissue, using an adaptive multivariate component decomposition (Canonical Autocorrelations Analysis). PHYCAA+ is an efficient, automated procedure that does NOT require external measures of physiology, nor does it require the user to manually identify noise components.

Based on the peer-reviewed article:
Churchill & Strother (2013). "PHYCAA+: An Optimized, Adaptive Procedure for
Measuring and Controlling Physiological Noise in BOLD fMRI". NeuroImage 82: 306-325

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GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
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