PICASSO skull stripping tool

The Personalized Congregation of Algorithms for Skull Stripping Optimization (PICASSO) tool is a general skull stripping for T1-weighted brain MRIs
(a) in multiple imaging sites;
(b) by scanners of various vendors (GE/Siemens/Philips);
(c) by scanners of various magnetic field strengths (1.0T/1.5T/3T/7T);
(d) by various T1-weighted pulse sequences (MPRAGE, SPGR, etc);
(e) with various fields-of-view (even containing neck and shoulders);
(f) from subjects of various ages (infants, pediatrics, young adults, elderly adults);
(g) from subjects of different health conditions (normative, dementia, tumor-bearing);
(h) with various image resolutions (from 1x1x1mm to 1.5x1.5x6mm); and
(i) with various image contrasts (high or low SNRs).

The PICASSO tool runs in the unix command line. It is compatible with a single linux/mac computer, or preferably with high-performance parallel clusters (PBS or SGE).

Publication pending.