UNC Primate Brain Atlas

This symmetric atlas of the primate brain has been created using 18 cases of rhesus macaques aged 16-34 months. It includes the T1-weighted image (with and without skull), and also tissue segmentation probability maps (white matter, gray matter, CSF, rest), subcortical structures segmentation (amygdala, caudate, hippocampus, pallidus, putamen), and a lobar parcellation map.

You can find more details about the creation of this atlas in the following paper :
M. Styner, R. Knickmeyer, S. Joshi, C. Coe, S. J. Short, and J. Gilmore. Automatic brain segmentation in rhesus monkeys. In Proc SPIE Vol 6512, Medical Imaging, 2007, pp. 65122 L1-8

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