Awake Rat rsfMRI Database

The database contains resting-state fMRI data from 90 awake rats, obtained in a 7T scanner with a well-established awake imaging paradigm (Zhang, N et al, 2010. J. Neurosci. Methods) that avoids anesthesia interference with rsfMRI data. Both raw and preprocessed data are included, as well as intermediate data from the preprocessing. ICA denoising similar to ICA-FIX was applied. A coregistered Swanson atlas, ROI seedmaps, and group ICA (n=75) are also included. The database is acquired and maintained by Yikang Liu, Dr. Pablo Perez, Zilu Ma, Dr. Zhiwei Ma, David Dopfel, Samuel Cramer, and Dr. Nanyin Zhang at the Translational Neuroimaging and Systems Neuroscience Lab (TNSNL) lab ( at the Penn State University.


Other Keywords:
awake, rat, rsfmri