ReproIn: The ReproNim image input management system (featuring DataLad)

ReproIn's goal is to provide a turnkey flexible setup for automatic generation of shareable, version-controlled BIDS datasets from MR scanners. To not reinvent the wheel, all actual software development is largely done through contribution to existing software projects:

* HeuDiConv: a flexible DICOM converter for organizing brain imaging data into structured directory layouts. ReproIn heuristic was developed and now is shipped within HeuDiConv, so it could be used independently of the ReproIn setup on any HeuDiConv installation (specify -f reproin to heudiconv call).
* DataLad: a modular version control platform and distribution for both code and data. DataLad support was contributed to HeuDiConv, and could be enabled by adding --datalad option to the heudiconv call.

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