Source Information Flow Toolbox

The Source Information Flow Toolbox (SIFT) is an GUI-enabled EEGLAB plugin for modeling and visualizing dynamical interactions between electrophysiological signals (EEG, ECoG, MEG, etc), preferably after transforming signals into the source domain. The toolbox consists of four modules: (1) Data Preprocessing, (2) Model Fitting and Connectivity Estimation, (3) Statistical Analysis, (4) Visualization, with a fifth Group Analysis module in development. Module 2 currently includes several adaptive multivariate autoregressive modeling (AMVAR) algorithms, including segmentation AMVAR and Kalman filtering. This subsequently allows the user to validate the model and estimate (in the time-frequency domain) a wide range of multivariate Granger-causal and coherence measures published to date. Module 3 includes routines for parametric and non-parametric significance testing. Module 4 contains routines for interactive visualization of dynamical interactions across time, frequency and anatomical source location.

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