SLIC: a whole brain parcellation toolbox

The SLIC toolbox contains five whole brain parcellation approaches that operates on resting-state fMRI data. Three of them are reproduced from the Ncut-based approaches in (Craddock et al., 2012, HBM) and (Shen et al., 2013, Neuroimage). The remaining two are the mean SLIC and two-level SLIC approaches that integrate Ncut and SLIC.

The release includes a demo which reproduces the experiments in the paper (, and atlases generated based on 190 subjects from the Beijing_Zang dataset. Matlab scripts, a set of test data and some instructions are included in the release.

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GNU General Public License (GPL)
Other Keywords:
Normalilzed cuts, Spectral clustering, Supervoxel, Whole brain parcellation