SlicerSALT (Shape AnaLysis Toolbox, SALT) continues the maintenance, expansion, validation and dissemination of the SPHARM-PDM (SPherical HARMonics Point Distributed Models) shape analysis toolbox. It is distributed as a tailor-made lighter version of 3DSlicer.

SPHARM-PDM is a popular open-source tool that has been used by the biomedical research community to analyze the morphology of anatomical structures. SlicerSALT will maintain the core functionalities of SPHARM-PDM, as well as dramatically extending the toolbox into a general shape analysis toolbox. Novel, robust and validated methodologies will provide support for objects of non-spherical topology, skeletal models, four-dimensional models, and study-specific optimal model correspondence. SALT is being tested three application case scenarios to evaluate the efficacy of the proposed methods.

SlicerSALT will continue providing excellent documentation, community resources, and user support.


BSD/MIT-Style Open Source License