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Overall: 4 out of 5Installation: 5 out of 5Documentation: 4 out of 5

Individual Rating Results for DTI-TEMPLATE-RHESUS-MACAQUES

Review 1 of DTI-TEMPLATE-RHESUS-MACAQUES on Feb 18, 2019
Version Reviewed:  the template itself
Overall Ease vs. Functionality:  4 out of 5
Download/Installation Ease:  5 out of 5
Documentation/Support Quality:  4 out of 5
Ratings/Long-term Prospects Comments:  I needed a quick atlas, for proof of concept TBSS analysis. Worked as expected, as a replacement of the MNI human template,
Other Comments/Similar Tools:  it is very easy to direct tbss scripts to this template (replacing here and there the MNI lines)