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Demographic Data (excel)
Description: Age, and sex for all participants included in the each dataset
Updated: Sep 1, 2009
Demographic Data (txt)
Description: Age, and sex for all participants included in each dataset
Updated: Sep 1, 2009
Preprocessing applied to data
Description: Overview of preprocessing applied to the data available in the resource. Anatomical data: defaced or skullstripped. Functional data: none
Updated: Oct 22, 2009
Reliable Intrinsic Connectivity Networks: Test-Retest Evaluation Using ICA and Dual Regression Approach
Description: We systematically evaluated the test-retest reliability of TC-GICA derived RSFC measures.
Updated: Nov 16, 2009
The oscillating brain: Complex and reliable
Description: We examined the amplitude of spontaneous low-frequency oscillations (LFO) observed in the human resting brain and the test-retest reliability of relevant amplitude measures in different frequency bands.
Updated: Oct 13, 2009
The resting brain: unconstrained yet reliable
Description: This study investigated the TRT reliability of seed-ROI based resting state functional connectivity. There are two space scales: voxels and parcellation units.
Updated: Oct 13, 2009