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Feb 8, 2011 A New Paper Published Using This TRT Dataset
Zuo XN, Kelly C, Di Martino A, Mennes M, Margulies DS, Bangaru S, Grzadzinski R, Evans AC, Zang YF, Castellanos FX, Milham MP. Growing together and growing apart: regional and sex differences...
Nov 16, 2009 New Doc Added: TestRetest on ICA
We have added a new paper to be published in NeuroImage. In that paper, we systematically evaluated the test-retest reliability of TC-GICA derived RSFC measures over the short-term...
Oct 22, 2009 Data not available in BrainScape
In reply to a question of someone that reviewed this resource: the data is not available in BrainScape.
Oct 22, 2009 Document on Preprocessing added
A document describing the preprocessing steps applied to the data available for download has been added to the Docs. In short the anatomical data have been defaced or skullstripped....
Sep 1, 2009 Test-Retest Resting-State fMRI Dataset (n = 25) Released
We are announcing the open release of the test-retest resting state fMRI dataset recently published by Shehzad, Kelly et al. (2009) in Cerebral Cortex ("The Resting Brain: Unconstrained...