Posted By: Konstantinos Arfanakis - Feb 21, 2024
Tool/Resource: MIITRA atlas
Version 3 of the MIITRA atlas is now available and contains labels!

Labels from a total of 30 labeling schemes / atlases are now available in MIITRA space (both in 1mm and 0.5mm resolution) e.g. AAL, Brodmann, Desikan-Killiany, von Economo, HCP, Julich, Shen, Yeo labels just to name a few. To generate them, labels from 30 different labeling schemes / atlases were applied to all 400 older adult participants of the MIITRA atlas in native space, then all labels were transformed to MIITRA space, and majority voting was used to generate the final labels in MIITRA space. The sets of labels made available in this version are based on structural, cytoarchitectonic, and functional connectivity information and substantially enhance the functionality of the MIITRA atlas.

In addition, the new version of the atlas includes gray matter masks and a new manual.
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