Posted By: Emma Speh - Mar 6, 2024
Tool/Resource: NeuroDOT
Latest NeuroDOT release, v1.3, is now available from GitHub.

Changes since version 1.3 include:

1. Updates to Visualization functions:
PlotCapData: updated source/detector spacing
PlotMeshSurface: fixed facecolor parameter for case without data
PlotSlices, PlotSlice, PlotSlicesTimeTrace: adjusted colorbar settings, added white background ‘bgW’ parameter
Plot_RawData_Metrics_I_DQC: added params.LFO_GI to select which measurments to show in LFO plot
Applycmap: compatibility with params.BG when all elements are equal to zero
Adjust_brain_pos, PlotLRMeshes, PlotMeshSurface: added flat map ‘Fnodes’ case
Plot_RawData_Cap_DQC, PlotCapPhysiologyPower: fixed SNR DQ metrics to compute based on the correct method
DrawColoredSynchPoints: added colors to plot for up to 7 different pulses

2. Format Compatibility updates:
Snirf2ndot & Nirs2ndot: enforce column organization of optode position arrays
LoadVolumetricData, SaveVolumetricData, Nifti_4dfp: compatibility with volumetric data in sagittal and coronal orientations, compatibility with 4D data
Updated all functions using info.pairs and info.MEAS to be compatible with tables

3. Other function updates:
GLM_181206: Added R squared output
Added ParcelBased_fc function
Added Matrix_Org3 and freezeColors functions to Visualizations

4. Tutorial & Documentation updates:
Light Modeling: updated all light modeling scripts to use makeAnirfaster, added tutorial for Light Modeling with a subset of measurements, and added tutorial for Light Modeling with a split-pad layout
Loading Raw Data script and PowerPoint added for loading .snirf, .nirs, and .mat data
Added Script_for_Viewing_Parcels for parcel-based functional-connectivity analysis
Added NeuroDOT Tutorials ReadMe file
Updated NeuroDOT Quick Start Guide
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