Posted By: IPN NYU CSC - Sep 1, 2009
Tool/Resource: NYU CSC TestRetest
We are announcing the open release of the test-retest resting state fMRI dataset recently published by Shehzad, Kelly et al. (2009) in Cerebral Cortex ("The Resting Brain:
Unconstrained yet Reliable"; doi:10.1093/cercor/bhn256). Contained within this are datasets for 25 participants, each including two MPRAGE images (1 skull-stripped, 1 face-
anonymized), and three resting state fMRI scans. For the resting state scans, two of the scans were collected < 1hr apart in the same scan session, and the third scan was collected >5 months earlier.

These data are being shared without restriction on NITRC, with project name: NYU_CSC_TestRetest ( ).
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