Posted By: Xi-Nian Zuo - Nov 16, 2009
Tool/Resource: NYU CSC TestRetest
We have added a new paper to be published in NeuroImage. In that paper, we systematically evaluated the test-retest reliability of TC-GICA derived RSFC measures over the short-term (<45 minutes) and long-term (5 - 16 months). Additionally, to investigate the degree to which the components revealed by TC-GICA are detectible via single-session ICA, we investigated the reproducibility of TC-GICA findings. First, we found moderate-to-high shortand long-term test-retest reliability for ICNs derived by combining TC-GICA and dual regression. Exceptions to this finding were limited to physiologicaland imaging-related artifacts. Second, our reproducibility analyses revealed notable limitations for template matching procedures to accurately detect TC-GICA based components at the individual scan level. Third, we found that TC-GICA component's reliability and reproducibility ranks are highly consistent.
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