Posted By: Babak Ardekani - Aug 12, 2011
Tool/Resource: Automatic Registration Toolbox
The Automatic Registration Toolbox (ART) project has released the beta version of its fully automated model-based skull-stripping algorithm ‘brainwash’ for MRI of the head.

This method has two main advantages:

(1) It is adaptable in term of ‘brain’ definition. What is considered ‘brain’ can be specified by the user through providing a number of prototype skull-stripped volumes (atlases) with known ‘brain’ locations. The program tries to mimic these examples.

(2) ‘brainwash’ is easily adaptable to different pulse-sequences (e.g., SPGR vs. MP-RAGE); scanners (e.g., 1.5 T vs. 3 T); and subject populations (e.g., children vs. elderly), again by using atlases with similar characteristics.

However, there are two hurdles that need to be overcome for using this software.

(1) It requires the user to provide a set of atlases on which the brain has been skull-stripped manually or semi-automatically. We recommend a set of at least 15 atlases for this purpose.

(2) The program needs to be run on multiple CPU’s (e.g., on a Linux cluster) to have a reasonable execution time.

Please see program documentation for more details.
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