Posted By: Babak Ardekani - Sep 27, 2013
Tool/Resource: Automatic Registration Toolbox
I am pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of 'yuki', an automated corpus callosum segmentation program under the Automatic Registration Toolbox (ART) project. Two very useful features are added to version 2.1:

• Version 2.1 outputs a corpus callosum thickness profile measured along the length of the corpus callosum. Measurements are made at 99 points as lengths of line segments perpendicular to a medial axis of the corpus callousm starting from the splenium (inferior point) to the tip of the rostrum.

• The new -cc option allows measurements (area, perimeter, thickness profile, circularity, etc.) to be recalculated for manually edited (corrected) segmentations.

(Please see gettingstartedwithyuki_2.1.pdf under for further details).

Babak A. Ardekani
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