Posted By: Babak Ardekani - Mar 12, 2009
Tool/Resource: Automatic Registration Toolbox
A new set of binaries have been released for the ART package with some major enhancements:

1. The acpcdetect program can now be used to detect the AC and PC landmarks on T2-weighted images in addition to T1-weighted images. For T2-weighted images the –T2 option should be specified.

2. All programs now handle NIFTI images as input and output.

3. The non-linear registration software 3dwarper outputs the deformation field as a NIFTI vector field. This makes it easier for the users to read the deformation field into their own software for further processing (e.g., Jacobian computation).

4. A new program (ivf) is included that can be used to invert the deformation field outputted by 3dwarper.

5. Binaries are included for Linux, Macintosh G5, and Macintosh Intel.

6. The binaries for the GUI-based ‘art2’ program is now included which can be used for multi-modality intra-subject rigid-body registration (e.g., MRI-PET, T1-T2).

The new programs are in art.tar.gz under New ART release (Linux & Mac)package.

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