Posted By: Paul Yushkevich - Jun 25, 2019
Tool/Resource: ITK-SNAP
This version introduces an exciting new feature: the Distributed Segmentation Service (DSS). This service allows developers to make various image segmentation algorithms available to you directly in ITK-SNAP. Several algorithms have already been made available: most of them focused on hippocampus segmentation, and we expect more to appear soon. DSS is a web-based system, so data is sent to a server and processed by algorithm providers using their own computer hardware.

New features:

New GUI for the DSS, under Tools->Distributed Segmentation Service
New support for multiple segmentation layers (switch between them with {,} keys)
Command-line functionality for interacting with the DSS service as a user or developer, part of itksnap-wt workspace editor tool
New functionality for plotting time-course data in the Image Information dialog
Implemented support for reading DICOM data with multiple images per z-position
Registration interface has improved image resizing support, support for flipping
Command-line tools c3d and greedy now can be installed using Help->Install Command-Line Tools
Support for reading "Generic ITK Images" in the "File->Open" dialog, makes it possible to open any image that ITK can read
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