Posted By: Sharon Christine Yates - Mar 9, 2021
Tool/Resource: Nutil - Neuroimaging utilities
The Nutil team is pleased to announce the release of Nutil v0.6.0. This release does not introduce new features, but fixes recently discovered bugs affecting the Quantifier reports in some older versions of Nutil:

Bug 1: Regional load output in the slice reports are incorrect for Nutil v0.4.0 – v0.5.0. The other results in the reports are correct.

Bug 2: When using the mask feature: region pixels, region areas and loads in the reports are incorrect for Nutil v0.4.3 – v0.5.0. This bug does not affect analyses run without masks.

As the bugs affected core Quantifier functionality, we have introduced more stringent quality assurance routines, with continuous integration (CI) and automatic validation based on an expanded collection of ground truth datasets. We will provide more information about this in a future release. Until then, please delete all affected analyses, and rerun with the new version.

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