Nutil - Neuroimaging utilities

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Nutil simplifies and streamlines the pre-and-post processing of 2D brain image data from mouse and rat. Nutil is developed as a stand-alone application and requires no experience to execute. The user specifies the input and output parameters in the GUI.

Nutil enables:
1. TiffCreator: convert JPEG, PNG and normal TIFF images to tiled TIFF format.
2. Transform: rename, rotate and resize extremely large tiled TIFF images.
3. Resize: for resizing JPEG/PNG images with output in PNG format.
4. Quantifier: for the batch extraction, quantification and spatial analysis of labelling in histological section images from mouse or rat brain. The spatial analysis is based on a reference atlas such as the Allen Mouse Brain reference atlas or the Waxholm Space Atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat brain.

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