Posted By: John Richards - May 6, 2021
Tool/Resource: Neurodevelopmental MRI Database
Hi all. I have just release "Version 3.0" files for infants, preschool, children, adolescents, and young adults. There are some improvements in the templates and additional atlases. The most substantial change is a large increase in the number of MRIs used at each age. This is the last planned major update for these age groups. I am currently working on the Adult templates. However, that will require grant support (June/July 2021 IRG) and substantial processing. I have over 3000 MRIs for 11 templates, average more than 270 MRIs per age group. When this is updated I'll send a reminder note about the adult database and a note about the entire database.

Version 3 is my last planned "major update". One goal when i started this work was to have more then 100 MRIs per template. That will be true for 28 of the 36 templates, a major accomplishment.

Good luck in your research. Please contact me for issues or help with the templates
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